General Contractor

A general contractor hires and supervises a variety of work crews to complete your project as planned. . . masonry, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, cabinetry, roofing, etc. He’s like the producer of a Broadway play or Hollywood movie - the go-to person who’s responsible for making sure the blueprints are executed on-time and on-budget. Making sure you get quality work with no surprises down the road.

A good contractor has a special talent beyond industry knowledge - he inspires the respect and cooperation of the subcontractors.

Allstate Services, Inc. will bring their expertise to your home, addition or commercial building project. . . and you’ll like our price!

Commercial Repairs

Business and commercial properties have unique installation & maintenance needs that A.H.S. can provide.

We’ve installed solar-powered towel dispensers for Bay West Rainbow stores, remodeled bathrooms for the Cracker Barrel restaurant chain, even built temporary offices for the IRS at the St. Paul Federal Building for the famous tobacco trials!

Our name may say Allstate Home Services but we’re right at home helping you keep your business property shipshape too!

Home Construction

Allstate Services can inspect your job site or home with an experienced critical eye to help you and others determine the reality of your property’s condition – foundation, joists, flooring, walls, insulation, roof, electrical, plumbing, etc.

We can consult with you on water damage – causes & solutions – and how to prevent or deal with mold & fungus nightmares.

We can act on your behalf in headaches with contractors or suppliers.

So, before you buy, sell, or remodel, get a professional’s careful analysis and opinion on your property. If you get in a dispute with your builder or tradesman, let us help. Call the eagle-eye at A.H.S. today!

Handyman Services

A good “handyman” can install or repair a wide range of simpler items at your home: plumbing, electrical, mechanical, doors & windows, etc.

Each handyman has his strengths & preferences, so it’s best to call and ask if your problem is something he would work on . . . if not, he could refer you to another professional or specialist in that field.

Either way, a simple call to Allstate Services can get you past your roadblock and back onto the highway!

Solar Panels


NORTHERN EXPOSURE SOLAR & WIND is your trusted go to resource for commercial solar panel consulting and installation as well as residential solar panel solutions in Minnesota.

We'll show you how proper installation of the proper solar panel as a clean energy / green energy solution can save you money on your energy bills - even in Northern Minnesota doncha-know!

Contact us for more information today!

Mobile Home Services

Allstate Services has been taking care of mobile home residents since 1980. From exterior to interior, simple to complex, A.H.S. will professionally repair, maintain, or install all kinds of mobile home parts.  Need a custom room addition for added living space? Call A.H.S.  Need a custom-built deck? Call A.H.S. Need a good recipe for Chicken Kiev? Call your mother-in-law! From the outside (doors, windows, siding, roof problems) to the inside (water heaters,  frozen water lines, sewer & drain, etc.) we know mobile homes!

Our 20 years of experience gives our staff the edge needed for a thorough inspection of your mobile home.

We do a 40-point examination that provides you with an accurate checklist of your home’s conditions – highlighting areas that need repair, replacement or just keeping an eye on for future concern. We can also provide you with a written estimate for the repairs or improvements needed to bring your home back up to code and pristine condition.

(Parts & Supplies for Mobile Home/ RV’s) We can supply you with discounted parts for your Recreation vehicle or Mobile home. If you’re inclined to “do-it-yourself”, our special arrangement with Northern Supply can save you 10% off their listed prices. Click below to transfer to the catalog and then return here for ordering through A.H.S.
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